The strength of Cantieri Generali S.p.A has always been its ability to innovate. Continuous research into new materials, new construction techniques, new technologies and new business opportunities enable sustainable corporate development and increasingly greater specialisation in construction and alternative energy. Today, Cantieri Generali is experiencing a new phase of significant expansion and diversification, operating with great success across the entire nation – at both a private and a public level – to build schools, hospitals, health centres, stadia and sports facilities in general. Over the years, Cantieri Generali has been able to rediscover ancient construction methods and, armed with this knowledge, offers its services and expertise to restore and renovate important historical buildings.

CANTIERI GENERALI becomes part of the Filippetti Group.

The Group from Falconara (AN), founded by Micol Filippetti and today considered to be one of the most dynamic and important Italian Global System Integrators, has recently concluded the acquisition of Cantieri Generali S.p.A, as part of the Group's strategic development programme.
Cantieri Generali S.p.A. will oversee the Industrialised Building market, under the 4.0 perspective, being able to exploit the skills and the impressive set of technologies – both hardware and software – that have been developed, engineered and produced by some of the companies that already make up the Group from Ancona.
From BIM design to cognitive construction sites that can track, in real time, materials, vehicles and people, up to solutions aimed at making the buildings in which we live and work more sustainable, safer and more comfortable.



To further safeguard its clients, Cantieri Generali S.p.A believes it is essential to attain certifications that attest to the company’s skills and professionalism and which allow a company to be able to participate in public – as well as private – calls for tender across the whole country.
Certifications, participations, and qualifications/registrations:

  • Qualification Certification to execute SOA public works, certificate no. 92997/7/00 issued by ATTESTA S.p.A.
  • Quality Certification, ISO 9001:2015 no. Q/00394/11 issued by Q GEST S.r.l.
  • Environmental Certification, ISO 14001:2004 no. 1958 issued by DIMITTO S.A.
  • Safety Certification, OHSAS 18001:2007 no. 1959 issued by DIMITTO S.A.
  • Participation in the permanent consortium, CONPAT S.C.A.R.L. with offices in Rome – Viale Giulio Cesare no.71 – Qualification Certification to execute SOA public works, certificate no. 5148AL/63/01 issued by SOA CONSULT SpA
  • ENEL qualification, product groups LCCC12 and LCRI01
  • Qualification and registration in the reserved area for suppliers to SOGIN S.p.A. with offices in Rome, Via Marsala no. 51/c
  • Registration in the Register of works providers for INVIMIT SGR S.p.A. with offices in Rome – Via di S. Maria in Via no. 12
  • Assignment of the legality Rating for the regulations adopted by the Italian Antitrust Authority (Autorità Garante della Concorrenza e del Mercato)
  • Registration in the AQP purchasing portal
  • Registration in the Prefecture "White List"
  • Inclusion in the NATO List


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